- About us -

From the desire of sharing a special experience, we started 11 years ago a project which, in time, gave us the possibility to understand that paintball is not just a happening, but a real state of mind, a lifestyle and, last but not least, a successful business.

In all these years, we have tried to show you that through paintball we can rediscover ourselves, we can discover in us that algorithmic – strategic side of us through which we can go beyond our social limits. It is a Sport, hence the name which defines us, PaintballSports, a sport which develops both the physical and the dynamic – cognitive abilities at the same time.

We have been promoting these ideas for 11 years now and we strongly believe in them and all those of you who were part of a paintball competition, together with us or elsewhere, couldn’t agree more.

We believe that we can have quality paintball in Romania as well, and this is why we – Sorin, Ciobi, Coco, Remus, Ana and Bogdan, have decided to appear under the same logo, that of PaintballSports, and to call you too to live, full of adrenaline, the most exciting strategies, the most well known battles since the First World War until the present.

Sorin: In 2007, I was called by a good friend, to Costinesti, in order to help him promote a paintball field. Ever since I held a marker for the first time I have understood that this passion will last. Since then, we have worked intensely every year on multiple paintball projects: Poligon Project from Costinesti, TeamSpirit Project as trainer in team buildings,  took over and developed the online store project echipamentpaintball.ro, the largest paintball equipment supplier in Romania, and now I am working together with my team on the most ambitious paintball project in Romania: PaintballSports.ro. I believe that  PaintballSports.ro will succeed in what I aimed for 9 years ago, to be able to bring the paintball in Romania at a sports event level.

Ciobi: In 2003, I was contacted by a friend to help him open a paintball field in Brasov. Being unemployed, my aim was to try something new, I enjoyed it and since then I have been organising paintball and team building events. In 2006, I took part in my first paintball competition. Together with Sorin, I want to bring paintball not only to a competition level, but also to make it accessible for all ages and pockets. When you speak, you repeat what you already know; when you listen, you can learn new things!