- Economic Package -



Number of participants Package type Quote (RON) /participant
10-20 Business 40
20-40 Business 35
40-100 Business 30

Paintball is addressed to all, this is why we, at PaintballSports.ro, thought that it should be accessible to all. For this reason, we have created the economic pack.

So, the budget will no longer be an issue when trying or exercising this sport and even if you are students and gather in a large crew, or just a group of friends and want to spend your time in a more than excellent manner, you have chosen the perfect pack. We also encourage everyone to try this sport even if they are yet to reach maturity age. The children are also welcomed, we have equipment specially designed for them.

Even families can practice this sport for the weekend activities. We carry this activity out in a natural environment with fresh air and it can easily complement your relaxing activities. On this occasion, we also do some exercise, we guarantee you will no longer need the gym.

Although the prices are more accessible, we did not diminish the quality or the number of paintballs in order to support this pack, only the complexity. So, most of the fun and the same timing were kept, only the logistics was reduced a little.

Of course, you will have the possibility to upgrade the complexity of your pack anytime.

  • The prices are quoted and do not include VAT.
  • For a customised offer, please contact us by phone or by filling the bookings form.
  • The tariffs include: equipment renting, paintball marker, mask, loader, protection equipment.
  • The tariffs include the minimum number of paintballs, 100 for each participant.
  • The tariffs include the travel of the PaintballSports trainers team only in the perimeter of Brasov city and in the auxiliary areas.
  • The tariffs do not include the travel of the PaintballSports team, pay by the day, accommodation, transport.