- Professional Package -

The optimum level for tasting the paintball adrenaline is found by applying the strategies of this pack, dedicated especially to the professionals, those who have understood that beyond adrenaline there is passion, and when you put passion into things, they reach the status of art. The same is in paintball, the competitions organised by PaintballSports.ro put together all lovers of this sport. We will apply complex tactical strategies, which have been used in great historical conflicts, in our attempt to get as close and realistic as possible to the moment recreated by paintball.

Therefore, we bring into the collective attention a tribute to those who sacrificed themselves for various causes and we hope that in this manner we will understand better the importance of the competition between people and the peaceful settlement of the conflicts between us. We believe that the paintball gun is a symbol of peace. Due to the fact that the bullets are paint balls, we believe that the fair play should exist unconditionally in our conduct and the adversary in the field should make each and everyone of us better in the competition with ourselves.

The professional competitions organised by PaintballSports.ro promote paintball as a sport of introspection; through the applied strategies, we understand crucial moments in the life of our predecessors, we get as faithful and close as possible to the state of mind and the emotions through which they went during the battles.

Anyone of us can live this experience, the professional pack can be requested also by those with no experience in the field. We will make sure that you will be provided with a military training as adequate as possible.