- The Hunger Game -




“Inspired by the famous movie The Hunger Games, this strategy brings together the sharpest competitors, real mercenaries ready to make no compromise, having only one goal, the total elimination of the opponent.”




This is an individual game, each player fighting against everyone. The game starts by strategically positioning the players in different points of the field. No alliance of any kind is accepted and the hit player will be immediately eliminated from the game.

The winner will be the last player standing in the field, the one who has eliminated all his/her competitors.

Business level

This strategy can be extended towards the business level by adding a specific object for each player, which will be hidden in the field. The player who finds most elements will be the winner, even if he/she has previously been eliminated. This type of strategy combines paintball elements with those of treasure hunting.

Team Assassins

Similarly, we can transform this game into a team game as well, so that we can assign multiple teams which have as goal finding the elements hidden in the field. In this case, the eliminated player will give to his/her teammate the found elements. If a team is eliminated, it will give the elements to the base and they will be counted at the end of the game.

In order to be more exciting, we can also introduce medic characteristics for a player in each team. He/she can regenerate superficial wounds in 30 seconds, except for headshots. In those 30 seconds, the medic and the patient are not allowed to use the weapons.


Strategy character: offensive activecompass

Difficulty level: average/advanced

Anticipated time: 1h

Minimum number of participants: 4

Minimum number of balls: 100

Compatible with the packs: business, economic

Field type: all terrain